Juliana Naccarato

Juliana Naccarato moved to Halifax from Toronto in 2014 to attend NSCAD University. After graduating from the Textiles program in 2018, she started a studio practice in the city, continuing her exploration into handwoven and naturally dyed garment works. Over the past few years, Juliana has become more interested in working with local fibres, linen, and indigo dye, honing her skills in everything from weaving to natural dyeing to sewing. Her experience with weaving has also come to inform her knitting work. In 2022, Juliana opened a yarn shop in North End Halifax called Fia Fia, which sparked even more interest in the local Nova Scotian fibre industry. Now she hopes to continue exploring ways to use local fibre and plants in her studio practice and in her work as a small business owner.

Juliana’s previous works